Accelerate Digitisation in the Supply Chain – Leveraging a Data-driven Approach to Optimisation

Founded in 2001, Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) listed on the NASDAQ First North Premier are renowned for enabling the digitization of sales and distribution processes across more than 50 markets. With a key focus on emerging markets around the world, SDS process over US$14B worth of transactions annually.


SDS built its reputation for success and excellence on delivering robust and innovative solutions, enabling them to establish themselves as a trusted partner to the telecommunications, retail, and finance industries, where digital transformation is now more critical than ever and where they have consistently delivered high-value distribution solutions. In 2016, Seamless was awarded the Global Telecoms Business Award for Software and Applications Innovation, showing their commitment to providing exemplary and innovative technologies through a result driven approach, and demonstrating that the success of their customers is embedded in their core DNA.



Steadily growing their solid customer base, SDS has made strategic acquisitions to grow their product portfolio, increase market share and boost geographical representation. In 2018, SDS acquired a global leader in electronic product distribution, increasing market share in Scandinavia. Then, in 2019, SDS acquired French digital transactions technology company, eServGlobal. The acquisition was key to opening doors to expansion in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.



Seamless are a trusted provider to several tier one telecom operators for new deployments as well as platform replacements. Their key customers include MTN Group, Ooredoo Group, Zain Group, GoSoft Thailand (7Eleven), Ericsson, CSG APAC and Aliv Bahamas to name a few. Seamless have significant experience in system migration and their solutions can be easily integrated with other platforms.


Today, Seamless is working hand in hand with clients and partners in Asia to help drive digital transformation. A key engagement in Mongolia uses Seamless solutions to deliver a range of mobile, internet, media, and enterprise services. Leveraging SDS’ end-to-end software solutions including e-Topup, dealer management, and voucher management platforms, the leading information communications technology group is moving towards meeting digitization objectives with a heavy focus on improving the user experience and scalability of their services. SDS platforms will enable the delivery of premium television services, prepaid and postpaid mobile solutions, VoIP, optical fiber broadband access, and enterprise services.



Seamless provides modular, scalable, and innovative cross-industry solutions that can be shaped to fit any sales and distribution channel or product offering. They work with clients to accelerate and simplify digitization across the supply chain, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving market penetration. Seamless support their customers with gaining control over their sales and distribution channels and provide world-class customer support to ensure uninterrupted operations around the clock. Their modular approach ensures a much faster go to market time of days or weeks rather than months. Digitization of product management speeds this process up even more.



Looking at the broader logistics industry, we know that digital transformation remains a key priority. SDS helps clients across industries and professions to master their channel management and increase process agility and strategic success. Their scalable solutions have proven to help companies reduce their logistics costs and optimize their supply chains.



The SDS Sales Force Optimization solution is a platform which can be deployed across various industries in the supply chain and logistics verticals. Tracking the inventory and reorder point gives organizations complete control over their stocking policies is one of the many functions that it deploys. This in turn enables sales agents and resellers to submit all POS through the application and provides real-time clarity for all business decisions that will translate into actionable intelligence for optimum performance whilst measuring the sales effectiveness of the retail agents.



Another major focus of the Seamless product portfolio is channel management. Their platforms are designed to create a unified customer experience across all potential touchpoints, whether direct or indirect to improve the user journey and increase customer loyalty and retention.


SDS’ electronic recharge and voucher management platforms can be implemented in any organization that deals with a large user base or manages commission payouts to resellers. These solutions also provide granular control over data and real-time visibility to manage the entire sales and distribution chain and automate or digitize processes.



Additionally, their solutions help boost revenue and sales through intelligent stakeholder value management. Using a data-driven approach, predictive analytics are generated that can encourage agents or retailers to increase their sales performance through gamification, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement. Providing data-informed, personalized recommendations at the moment of purchase to end users increases average revenue per user and provides a more attractive offering to customers.


A recent success story involves an East African mobile operator who achieved 149% return on investment on digitization and modernization of their sales channels within three months. Seamless is accompanying their customer to reach their objective of 50% digitization by the end of the year.


Acceleration of digitalization has been amplified during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Seamless was not affected by the disruption, instead with its rich historical experience in delivering solutions in complex situations, they were called upon to support a government disbursement scheme providing relief funds to affected parties in the Middle East. With extensive experience in executing such large-scale projects, the funds reached the target population within the shortest possible time.


Seamless works in agile teams, focusing on comprehensive value creation rather than just project completion. Throughout the service delivery process, teams hold product consultations and ensure tight feedback loops to ensure that the product exceeds customer expectations. Additionally, support teams provide on-site and virtual assistance with industry best average response times.


Today the company has over 230 team members located across the globe including Singapore, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Ivory Coast, France, Romania, UAE, Ghana, and Nigeria. Such a highly qualified and culturally diverse team fosters concrete benefits for the company in the form of improved creativity, increased productivity, and better on ground presence. Continued expansion remains a priority, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.


The truly global team are experts in software development and use industry best practices. Their intricate industry knowledge allows Seamless to easily adapt to regional requirements and find innovative solutions to the business needs of each client. Post-deployment, Seamless accompanies its clients with data-driven, actionable insights, enabling them to optimize their platforms and processes for a streamlined supply chain.


Seamless follows a project methodology that ensures delivery that is closely aligned with their client’s requirements. From gathering specifications, to scoping and customer discovery workshops, each client’s business needs are understood and translated into the developed product. Seamless offers a solid ROI stemming from:

  • Highly scalable platforms: whether you’re an SME, a large corporation or on the brink of a transition, Seamless can easily adapt to your needs as your business grows
  • Reliability and strength: with industry-best SLA fulfilment of more than 99.999%, you can be assured that the team will ensure that your system delivers 24/7/365
  • Agility and time to market: SDS’ team of experts has a strong business understanding, allowing them to quickly adapt to market changes


Leveraging an agile and consultative approach to solve client’s pain points, Seamless drastically improves performance delivery and reduces rollout time for the client. Get in touch today to discuss how Seamless Distribution Systems can work to digitize your business for growth and scalability.


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Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) is a Swedish multinational, providing digitization solutions for sales and distribution processes. A global leader in technology, SDS delivers end-to-end platforms for digital value distribution and supply chain management. They facilitate some of the world’s largest sales networks, enabling customers to drive revenue growth and optimize operations.

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