Addressing the Need for Digital Control in Cold Chain Shipping

When transporting Shippers’ cargo with “reefers”, ensuring cargo’s quality and complete cargo visibility can be quite challenging.

The physical operating condition of reefers in transit, are of great concern & consequence, if time & temperature excursions occur.

Delays or disruptions due to any reasons that can lengthen supply chain transit times, can put Shippers’ sensitive cargo at risk.

Is there an effective digital technology that will help Shippers eliminate blind spots and gain full control of their cold chain ?

Join our webinar to gain insights from a leading digital solution provider – I.Q.A.X.
on how to leverage technology and data to enhance your end-to-end cold chain visibility, optimize resource usage and lower risks.

We will be covering:

  1. The evolving needs of digital control with cold chain and the added covid impact
  2. What are these needs and how they are being addressed today?
  3. Are there solutions to address these needs?
  4. How can a cold chain shipper explore options?


  • Billy Lam, Senior Product Manager
  • Rajesh Sidhu, Senior Manager, Global Sales
  • Tina Chow, Product Manager
  • Kate Law, Assistant Manager, Product Architecture and Design

Hosted by:

  • Joe Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief at LogiSYM Magazine
  • Kendrick Ng, Shippers’ Council at the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society


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