Agile Supply Chain – How RPA and Intelligent Automation is Building the Next Frontier for Logistics Industry

What exactly is RPA and is this a technology that is within reach for small and large supply chains, 3PL’s and shippers or just hype?

Logistics and shipping enterprises are increasingly embracing digital technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) to build agile supply chain.

The business benefit of RPA and IA is undisputed but are the supply chain organizations, 3PLs, and shippers realizing the full potential of these technologies?

Join our webinar to gain insights from leading RPA solution provider, UiPath and their implementation partner, Total eBiz Solutions as they discuss with LogiSYM on how to automate routine tasks quickly and cost effectively with RPA to streamline manual tasks such as reporting, data entry and document workloads .

During the webinar, we will discuss
• Current pain points faced in the industry around automation
• Practical use cases of RPA in logistics and supply chain management
• How to leverage RPA & IA to optimize processes and drive cost efficiencies
• Future of supply chain and the way forward

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