GeTS Rolls Out Upgrades to CALISTA to Streamline Global Trade Processes

Technology is fast changing the logistics industry. Where there used to be a lot of complicated manual procedures and paperwork, today, many processes can be automated to provide greater transparency, visibility and traceability across the entire value chain – from logistics, compliance to financing. Global eTrade Services’ (GeTS) technology powered platform, CALISTA® – offers such capabilities. CALISTA is a platform that provides companies access to reliable and competitive freight options, timely visibility of cargo movements, accurate advisory on trade formalities and compliance to regulations, and availability of fuss-free working capital support.

With connection to 90+ carriers and NVOCCs, 60+ Customs nodes, 10,000+ freight forwarders and access to trade advisory in 180+ countries, CALISTA is one of the most well-connect-ed platforms in the market, serving shippers and logistics stakeholders through a single platform. Through CALISTA, shippers can make freight bookings and track its status, fulfil regulatory requirements, and secure financing for their trades. In 2020 alone, it facilitated over 30 million transactions.

“Connectivity has always been important to us. A product is only useful when you are able to connect to carriers and make your bookings,” shared Ng Chee Keong, Vice-President of GeTS. He added that the use of APIs has made it easier for companies to integrate CALISTA with their own platforms. Using CALISTA, stakeholders can benefit from streamlined trade and supply chain processes, optimal data reuse, connectivity across multiple Customs nodes, improved authenticity of data flow and access to accurate and up-to-date status visibility.

GeTS will also be rolling out upgrades to CALISTA, starting with its book and track service by the third quarter of this year. CALISTA book and track helps SME and multinational shippers and freight forwarders to facilitate and streamline their containerized freight bookings and shipping documentation. It also helps them to track and trace their shipments. With the new enhancements, users can look forward to a more intuitive User Interface (UI) that

offers easy navigation, and a consistent user experience. Some key highlights include providing convenient access to information, the flexibility of refining results, as well as improved response time. This reduces the amount of user training required for the product and shortens the time needed to make a booking.

The enhanced CALISTA is developed on a more secure, powerful, and resilient back-end system engineered to optimise the handling of large volumes of data. The use of API technology allows CALISTA book and track to integrate into other platforms and apps more easily. Improvements to individual modules can also be made faster with minimal system downtime. By digitizing the shipment process, users can now optimize data reuse and reduce inefficiency and error from manual processing.

“Many logistic companies still tend to work in silos. We hope that with CALISTA, we can help these companies to digitalise and consolidate their information into one single system, enabling them to track their shipping activities more easily,” said Chee Keong.

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