IOT for Supply Chain Tracking


Manufacturers today face lots of challenges driven by changing customer expectations. Significant advancements in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud technologies in recent years has reduced the cost of adopting new technologies and broadening the spectrum of what is available.

The cost of internet-connected devices has also dropped significantly making IIoT solutions more affordable at scale. Modern cloud-based solutions offer cost effective analysis of data and require no infrastructure setup, enabling faster adoption of new technologies.

Modern consumers demand is more personalized. This is driving manufacturing sector to create more agile supply chains. These kind of demands often lead to SKU explosion. These in tunr lead to additional strain on manufacturers to track and manage thousands of different product types. Historical analysis tells us that customer orders now come in lower order quantities with shorter lead times.

To meet rapidly growing customer demand, there is a need to re-define the current legacy way of handling this demand. To gain better control over the supply chain and reduce costs, companies are now looking at smart analytics which can use AI/ML to improve day to day operations.

The real-time data insights, faster issue identification and resolution can be achieved by using the product status data. With growing business needs, Aspire NXT presents an enterprise-grade solution that can work with huge amount of IoT data. The solution provides adequate security and reliability, provides easy integration with 3rd Party Apps. It provides extensive and cost-efficient ability to analyse and apply sophisticated data science to set up alerts and deliver key insights.


Enterprises are seeking ways to track their assets with the shipment carrier in ways that are most optimal to their requirements. The end goal is to have greater visibility and control of assets while in transit and in the acre shipment carriers and service providers. In addition this will open opportunities to optimize business operations based on supply chain insights-driven “smart” decisions based on data.

We help companies decide between what processing to do in real-time and what to do in batch.

We also help in extracting IoT sensor measurements from sophisticated equipment, transform them into useful customer information in real-time, and load the transformed data into their data lake


  • For assets in transit, proactive shipment monitoring results in greater reliability.
    Collect Real-time updates about the shipment’s location, transit status, and conditions like temperature and humidity (for perishable shipments).
  • Quickly identify issue and remediation.
  • Minimize losses and reduce insurance claims
  • Deliver a delightful purchase experience to end customers.

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