KEYfields, Supply Chain Technology Solutions – LogiSYM July 2019

Surpassing Excellence From 2.0 to 4.0 and Beyond

Kenny Tan, Founder and CEO of KEYfields Pte Ltd

Kenny Tan founded software company KEYfields in 2003 with a few other logisticians after they saw many gaps in Logistics software that was available on the market at that time. Their mission was simple, develop and make available software solutions that would help logistics companies improve efficiency and effectiveness across their supply chains.

KEYfields started to build transport and logistics solutions to bridge the gaps, first with an enterprise ready Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) then followed quickly by one of Singapore’s first locally developed Transport Management Systems (TMS).

Fast forward to today and KEYfields has a complete ecosystem of transport & logistics solutions extended to Freight, Container, Container Yard and Accounting systems. This suite of solutions is branded under the name of integrated Logistics Online, in short, iLOGON. KEYfields solutions are not only managing and running the operations of SMEs, Government agencies and MNCs but also allowing their management to make timely decisions with instantaneous information readily available at their fingertips. Today, KEYfields iLOGON has one of the biggest 3PL and container haulier customer base installation in Singapore.

Witnessing shifts from disparate systems to an integrated platform and driven by the rise of Industry 4.0, KEYfields has extended iLOGON to not only streamlining internal information flow but to external platforms and devices. iLOGON is integrated with Singapore’s world class, Customs’ Single Window interface, the Networked Trade Platform (NTP) and major eCommerce platforms. iLOGON also integrates to most industry technology solutions like Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Carousel, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) systems, IoT and major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

KEYfields continues to change the paradigm on how solutions should work and interface across global value chains. The latest development from KEYfields is ONE LOGON which digitizes all operations from freight, container, warehouse, container depot, transport to accounting and finance. Job flows are received from external platforms e.g. the NTP and flows seamlessly across departments, from customer service, controlling, operations, billing, accounts to management and flows back to platforms of authorized parties in the supply chain. ONE LOGON Cloud brings significant return on investment (ROI) with most customers to date recovering investment costs within three years of its adoption.

Besides growing and expanding on its core competency, KEYfields has since 2016, started her expansion overseas. Today, KEYfields has offices in Myanmar and Indonesia. By 2020, KEYfields plans to have a presence in Thailand and Vietnam and is also actively looking at complementary companies for M&A in the region. A combination of factors and opportunities that will help the company grow to the next level!