LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2021: Day 2 | Track 1 | Smart Cities: a Foundation for Industry 4.0

This panel was moderated by Stephanie Krishnan, Research Director at IDC Manufacturing Insights Asia Pacific


  • Peter Woon, Managing Director at Koru Greentech
  • Kendrick Ng, Director – Logistics and Supply Chain at JR Strategic
  • Scott Copeland, Vice President – Global Logistics Transformation of Schneider Electric


According to the United Nations population division, in 2020 56.2% of the world’s population live in cities. Cities provide built infrastructure and services that are fundamental to enabling an ecosystem of partners to change and improve residents’ quality of life. Industry 4.0 capabilities extend to supply chains as it delivers innovation by integrating autonomous, data-rich, and insight-based operations to improve production performance, seek the optimal condition of products and processes, and drive customer engagement. The ability to deliver goods to half the world’s population in cities through effective supply chain management is affected by the underlying infrastructure inherent in buildings, thoroughfares, and the systems that manage them with capabilities accelerated by an Industry 4.0 approach. This panel seeks to explore the intersection of smart cities, advanced technology, and supply chains and look at some of the trends impacting these places where we live, learn, work and play.

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