LogiSYM—Vietnam Digital 2020 – LogiSYM December/January 2021

Street Life in Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam

BY Joe Lombardo, Editor-In- Chief, LogiSYM


2020 has been the year of virtual conferences and meetings for most of us. We have discovered whole new world of virtual video conferencing platforms, of which the most well known is Zoom. But there are many more that have appeared, giving us a vast array of choices to choose from.

On 1st and 2nd Dec LogiSYM held its Vietnam 2020 Digital event on a platform called AirMeet.

We can proudly say that the event went off well. But must be said that the dry runs we held for the various panel members, was a good practice for using AirMeet. Overall a good platform to work with.

Let me start this synopsis by again thanking all those who have contributed to the success of the event, without whom the event would not have been possible—


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We thank all those who have written in, to give us some feedback of the event for which we are grateful and indicative of the many industry players who are actively driving change, innovation and shaping the future.

We share below some quotes to remind us of the event. We were not able to publish all of them but we do thank all those who did send us their feedback.


A very big thank you to all our Speakers, Panel Moderators and Panel Members, for their valuable time, contributions and insights into the expertise area.

This collective source of rich knowledge, industry experience and market buzz, is a very unique opportunity and one which has made this event a great success. There will be many follow-up actions for us all, as we prepare for 2021.


We thank all those who have signed-up and joined the event to share with us their comments and views. Audience participation is most gratifying to speakers and panelists, as it makes their contributions to the event more appreciative.

Nguyễn Duy Hồng,
Deputy Ceo, Smartlog Supply Chain Solutions Corporation

“EVFTA and CPTPP will be boosting Vietnam’s export to Asia Pacific and Europe as such FTAs leverage taxes and facilitates trade. RCEP, for its part, will be aiding Vietnam to conform better with regulations of C/O; and maintain its sustainable development in the incumbent markets. Vietnam has spent no effort for a decade to be full member of such agreements.

Its business firms have been well-prepared for this and have understood the benefits despite some possible disputes of the multiple signed agreements. Digital transformation is prerequisite that the country has encouraged its business firms to invest in technology, people and process.”

Russell Scoular

Chairman, Chatto Creek Advisory

“The relatively easy part of FTAs is their negotiation. The harder part is ensuring business can and does access them. Without this participation, there can be no benefits from FTAs. The negotiators of agreements like the Vietnam-EU, CPTPP and RCEP deserve our congratulations. We must now all work strenuously to ensure delivery of the promised dividends.”

Bipin Balakrishnan

Partner—Tax At KPMG Singapore

“The EVFTA and the RCEP are evidence that global trade is truly alive. This is a golden opportunity for companies with international sourcing, manufacturing and sales footprints to reap these benefits.

Now is the time to understand the benefits, the qualifying criteria and to implement it within your supply chain.”

Royston Phua

Vertical Practice Lead, APAC Supply Chain, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

“Warehouses today operate in conditions shaped by disruptive forces. Warehouse modernization is imperative for them to stay relevant and cost competitive to achieve sustained operational excellence and customer satisfaction.”


In 2020 Digital technology has given us a big opportunity to connect with many more people, than we could have expected for with the absence of on-site venue events. Digital events have brought together speakers and delegates from all over the Far East region and even some from further afield. This has enabled the supply chain industry to stay connected, to hear views and trends that are emerging and that will influence the supply chain industry in the coming years. It is has been a year of learning!

The future of such events are very likely going to be hybrid ones. Where we set-up limited on-site local events but also digitally connecting speakers, panelist and delegates to the on-site event. This brings the best of worlds – keeping the supply chain wheels in motion and overcoming travel constraints.

LogiSYM is already underway with advanced planning for two such events for 2021, with a possible third one targeted for the latter part of the year. We are excited about the opportunities opening up in the area and shall be announcing updates on regular basis – look out for these events updates!

Joe Lombardo
Associate Partner at Telos Partners Asia Pacific

Telos – {Greek-  purpose or realisation of potential} is focussed on helping leaders achieve their purpose and goals.

The need for change is a very likely and necessary step for business transformation and sustainability. Starting a journey of transformation within an organisation can be hugely daunting. Telos advises on structuring the model to facilitate and successfully implement transformational management programs. Our approach is to focus on making individuals successful, who in turn, will make their organisation successful.

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