LogiSYM Webinars: Building a Resilient Supply Chain – Taking guess work out of inventory to start winning!


The webinar attracted more 65 registrations and over 30 live connections, with a continuous flow of excellent questions, comments & feedback from participants. Webinar duration of 45 minutes.

  1. Silvia Davis – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening message“innovation is driving the digital reality that requires full systems integration”  

The areas of Focus for Businesses – the boomi approach :

–  Visibility – is now everything in supply chain performance.

–  Vulnerability is not having visibility.

– Customer Experiences is important to bridge the gaps – people, processes, technology.

–  Focusing on an integrated platform is fundamental to overcome “silo systems”.

–  Success is 80% process/architecture & 20% process.

– Mapping your Value Stream Processes help to accelerate successful implementations.

– Organisation alignment is a journey of embracing new culture with new systems.

– Don’t forget to engage your eco-system – stakeholders, employees & business partners

Closing message“overall business continuity has been blind sided on supply chain – to get back on track, the urgency is to address your value stream processes”


  1. Amit Dhamane – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening message “there are some complex issues, that require a structured planning & understanding on how optimise best solutions”

Delivering the right Solution – from boomi:

–   Challenges – legacy systems, shadow IT initiatives & owned technologies

–   Understanding & managing to overcome process gaps, can then open up innovation.

–   Building resilience & re-configuring work flows are priority task for all to address.

–   Connecting different systems seamlessly is goal – data transfer, orchestration, low code apps.

–   People enabling competencies requires the right skills for the task.

–   Defining the right architecture for business needs, requires right business model & knowledge.

Closing message “must focus on easy to use technologies to connect to valued stream processes”