LogiSYM Webinars: Get a grip on your Supply Chain! Supply Chain Visibility – the crucial edge


The webinar attracted more 140 registrations and 78 live connections, with a continuous flow of excellent questions, comments & feedback from participants. Webinar duration of 52 minutes.

  1. Antonio Boccalandro – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening message  “there has been a noticeable acceleration in changing Customer behaviours & priorities brought on since the COVID-19 disruption”

The Challenges & Methodologies for Blue Yonder:

  • Conditions have changed Customer behaviours for which we need to be agile to adapt.
  • Using PDCA methods we have merged planning & execution tools, with good data accuracy.
  • Since COVID there is more willingness to share data – more data available & less constraints.
  • We need senior management to understand the importance of supply chains & engage change.

The Luminate Experience: The Vision & Solutions

  • Our vision is to achieve solutions in time-to-value of 8 weeks vs 2-3 years.
  • Engagement with Key Partners early into the Journey to benefit from collaborative sharing.
  • Uses all relevant data sources to enable accurate predictive & prescriptive decisions making.
  • Faster response times with critical decision data refreshed within 24 hours.
  • Mitigates the reality of higher risks & anticipation of disruption with better end-to-end visibility.

Closing message –  “Never has there been a better & exciting time to be in the Supply Chain industry. The speed of transformation & autonomous supply chains are the true realities!”


  1. Rodrigo Cambiaghi – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

    Opening message  –  control tower vision will fundamentally shape supply chains for years to come”

The Transformation Priorities for EY:

  • Transform Visibility with New Technologies – an enabled journey to a one-stop shop.
  • Empower People with Predictive Capabilities – use data for smart problem resolution.
  • Orchestrate Efficient E2E Global Processes – align BU & Regions work systems & processes.

Delivering a State-of-the-Art E2E Supply Chain Control Tower:

  • Mixed Technology platforms & solutions is the way to optimise best solutions.
  • On-Boarding Trading Partners is important for consolidation.
  • Change Management a critical component to such a crucial program.
  • Effective Supply Chain structure will make a difference to a successful implementation.

Closing message –  “It is more important to start the program, than worry on how long it will take”