LogiSYM Webinars: How will your supply chain look like after COVID-19?

The webinar attracted 125 registrations and 65 live connections with a continuous flow of excellent questions, comments & feedback from participants. It is the intention of the LogiSYM team to give a reply to all questions from the participants.

Prof Dr Marco’s key highlights can be summarised as follows:

Opening message – need to move from a Lean & Agile approach to a one of Robust & Resilient

a. Current status, is that companies
– did not have in place nor considered business continuity & risk planning.
– had taken lean & agile too far, with little or no capacity in place to survive a lockdown.
– made mistakes in their procurement strategies & purchasing decisions.
– had a noticeable fragility in their supply chain expertise & competencies.

b. Immediate priorities to navigate through the crisis:-
– collaboration with Clients on products & service development.
– improving purchasing function in define well specification, decisions making & in general skills.
– focus on skills & education supply chain team to improve performance expertise.

c. Post COVID-19 – “To-Do”
– develop stronger relationships & network collaborations – even with competitors
– invest in digitalisation
– deploy stronger supply chain expertise using also external resources
– develop a Dashboard culture to monitor progress & improvements.
– develop a Risk assessment culture & business continuity planning methodology.
– drive towards supply chain excellence
– “greening” of the supply chain is an important initiative not to forget