LogiSYM Webinars: Post Pandemic Logistics Sector in Hong Kong


A well attended webinar which attracted more than 70 live connections, with a continuous flow of excellent      questions, comments & feedback from participants.

The key focus was on what is Hong Kong doing to stay relevant in the changing logistics landscape in Hong Kong      & around the South China Provinces – also know as the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Benjamin Wong – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening message – “we do have some challenges to overcome, but we consider these are temporary”

1. The Challenges for Hong Kong:

– There are some concerns at how soon demand will pick-up after the pandemic?

– Some temporary challenges to overcome:

– 3rd run-way expansion, connectivity & infrastructure, customs clearance/documentation, type of cargo

– Full activation of Asean-HK FTA

– Collaboration programs & timings with all partners in GBA

– Time to ramp-up use of new technologies.

2. The Future for HK & Greater Bay Area partners:

– Leverage on strong HK knowledge & hub legacy/experience.

– Good collaboration between GBA partners & technology sharing.

– Improve road transportation & connectivity across GBA network.

– HK strategic positioning by type of cargo, by logistics players & high standard of fulfilment performance.

– Deployment of digital technology with advanced applications.

Closing message –  “we are very confident of Hong Kong’s future role as a continued regional Hub”


Michael Zankel & Alex Koo – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening messages“the pandemic is not over yet & we need to see how things shape up after re-opening”.

1. The Challenges for Chevalier freight express – Alex Koo:

– US-China Trade conflict has greatly reduced channel demand.

– Shippers seem to have moved to other Asia countries.

– HK social unrest has caused a big disruption in flows.

– Adjusting to big growth in e-commerce – PPE, test kits – pandemic impact.

– Financial stress to pay for higherb freight costs.

2.The Challenges for Gebruder Weiss – Michael Zankel:

–  Market created vulnerabilities by stretching limits – maybe not necessary.

–  The high urgency expectations seems to have disappeared – was everything so urgent ?

–  Capacity re-adjustment – demand down >20%

–  High level of idle capacity – need to re-balance demand vs supply.

–  Cost & pricing structures will be a major concern to re-adjust.

3. The Outlook from Logistics Service Providers

  • Digitalisation is now firmly top of our list of actions
  • Diversions from China to other Asia countries is likely to continue.
  • Pricing strategies will need to be assessed with added value benefits.
  • A fresh look at what is necessary & important to do.
  • HK needs to address a new approach to agility & flexibility in business processes.
  • There is room for experienced, specialist & high performing service providers to HK a key Hub.

Closing message

– Michael “HK is in no danger past, present or future – China needs HK to thrive- don’t worry !”

  – Alex “ Very confident in the facilities, trust & accumulated competence in HK as an air freight Hub”