LogiSYM Webinars: The Impact of COVID-19 on Logistics Innovation


The webinar attracted more 130 registrations and 75 live connections with a continuous flow of excellent questions, comments & feedback from participants.

Wolfgang Lehmacher’s highlights can be summarised as follows:

Opening message “Logistics is an old industry that requires people to make it work. It is all about operations that make things happen. There are many new opportunities out there.”


The Challenges

– Vulnerabilities in Supply Chain are exiting & accentuated by the inherent weaknesses.

– Inherent weaknesses –> Lean concept, Complexity of Supplier Tiers, Poor Pipeline Visibility.

– Mitigation is technology –> must avoid a roll-back to old norms.

– Diversification is slow & gradual -> requires better positioning to render more resilient.

– Managing evolution & integration through these transitional moments is fundamental.


The Opportunities….

– Utilising relevant software & technology to improve performance.

– Suppliers rationalisation to improve relationships & reduce some complexities.

– Deploying qualified Human capital to upgrade skills sets.

– Environmental space – managing life better on our planet  circular economy.

– Shift in Influencers -> consumer behaviour shaping new norms -> e-commerce

– Change in Supplier base -> choose who to support, which will impact integration process.

– Planning cycles are currently too long (i.e 13wks) –> a rationalisation vs optimisation ?


The Innovations

– Starts with Leadership -> it’s more about leaders in the industry – need Vision to make changes.

– Leaders should give space & latitude for the organisation to create innovations.

– Innovations are driven by Customer needs –> must be outward looking -> know your customer.

– Logistics is about operational capabilities -> new & better ways to achieve more with less.

– Industry has been slow to adapt -> now is the time to change this culture.

– Integration is one way but also collaboration is another to share & leverage resources.


Closing message:

“This is the moment to leap-out & act !  People need to step-up to the mark & stay engaged to create new innovations by learning, applying and adapting in agile way”