LogiSYM Webinars: Using Supply Chain Technology to Improve Performance

LogiSYM recorded an interview with Gary Barraco – Senior Director of Product Marketing at E2open which was released on 28th May 2020. Gary is with E2open working on TMS (Transport Management System) program & shared with us the new innovations that this program has to offer. By virtue of E2open growth & acquisitions TMS has embedded many capabilities to better manage supply chains performance.

Gary Barraco’s key highlights can be summarised as follows:
Opening message – “We have taken the TMS back bone of a core planning tool & added many features through the convergence of different platforms that has enhanced our TMS to an advanced planning, operational, screening & governance application”.

a. The Challenges & Opportunities….
– Demand planning & forecasting capabilities always a big challenge, now even greater,
– Dealing with chaotic situations required balance & agility,
– Managing Data is crucial for several ecosystems:- Customers, Suppliers, Biz Partners
– Managing transitions is fundamental for supply chain stability & smooth continuity.
– TMS covers demand visibility, supplier sourcing, transportation planning, space planning, carrier/capacity bookings, cargo screening, compliance screening & early warning alerts.

b. Supply Chain Technologies greatly helps to navigate through a crisis & beyond:-
– Technology platforms help in adapting faster to change & improve visibility –
i.e. E2open TMS has advanced supply chain features
-> has fine tuned features across key functionality areas –
-> able to integrate business silos giving better visibility & controls across pipeline.
-> able to provide data on diversification sources & effective deployment.
-> provides good data & responses for crucial decisions making.
-> reduces risks with differentiated access to compliance controls at each level.
-> able to manage the “aggregate risk” in the supply chain.

Closing message: “Don’t let a good crisis go by without taking the opportunity to change”

To learn more about how E2open is creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain, visit www.e2open.com or contact jox.xu@e2open.com