Rethinking the next normal: Transforming Logistics and Supply Chain Workflows with Samsung

There is no doubt that the pandemic has radically transformed the logistics and supply chain industry, especially with increased demand and reliance on deliveries. Today, there is expectation for organisations to deliver top-notch customer experience with efficiency and transparency.

The sector, however, has been moving steadily towards a more flexible and mobile work style as workers in the sector are largely required to be working from different locations. Along with technology advancements – including improved hardware and a move towards cloud-based solutions – companies are rethinking how they can succeed in this new, digital-first market.

For many, the first step is embracing secure, collaborative and seamless mobility solutions. Not only do they unlock work-from-anywhere models for greater productivity, they also enable companies to gain a competitive edge with faster turnarounds and improved customer service.

From a hardware perspective, docked smartphones and tablets are an augmentation of mobile-PC convergence. According to IDC, 60 per cent of global enterprises are looking at smartphones as their company’s singular IT-supported 3-in-1 device, especially since they can complete tasks that were traditionally performed on a PC or a laptop. This also leads to a 25 per cent lower total cost of as compared to standard consumer devices .

Samsung Enterprise mobility solutions meet the needs of today’s fast-paced logistics and supply chain industry. They enable professionals to anticipate and take on future demands as well:

1. Mobility solutions in the logistics sector can increase service accuracy with timely proof of delivery and warehouse receiving to facilitate greater transparency and ultimately increase efficiency.

2. Workers can scan items and obtain customers’ signatures upon delivery or collection, and this process creates an irrefutable paper trail. When paired with automated alerts for package pickups and shipment for digitised proof of delivery, organisations can improve customer service experience, along with timely order fulfilment.

3.SamsungEnterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities allow workers to attach images to digital record. Users can also mark up any issues using Samsung’s S-Pen stylus.               

4. Instant, on-ground communications can also be improved. Mobile-based press-to-talk applications enable on-ground personnel to communicate with teams and manage workflows more effectively.

Importance of a trusted partner in logistics and supply
chain transformation
Finding the right mobility technology partner for transformation is critical to success. While logistics and supply chain organisations may face different business challenges, a reliable solutions provider with a breadth of solutions will enhance operations and improve productivity in a seamless, secure manner. In recent years, Samsung has supported organisations in their digital transformation journeys.
Linfox and Samsung create efficiencies and enhance logistics security

Linfox, an Australian logistics and supply chain organisation, partnered with Samsung to streamline fleet management and strengthen operational control with Samsung’s enterprise mobility solutions.

It implemented an easy-to-use, paperless interface, allowing drivers to easily access digital logbooks and safety check lists to boost efficiency and safety for drivers. Linfox also provided real-time updates on driver progress and job completion to reduce information gaps among their staff.

Harnessing economic value with Hermes UK, UK’s 2nd largest parcel company

As part of its efforts to transform and reduce cost, Hermes UK replaced costly legacy hardware with smartphones for last-mile delivery fulfilment.

Instead of barcode scanners and dedicated devices that were cumbersome and costly to maintain, Hermes UK was able to streamline operations by using a single, multi-functional device with the Samsung XCover4 smartphone.

Working with Samsung, Hermes UK is currently deploying smartphones equipped with Knox Capture, an enterprise-grade barcode scanning app which can record an electronic signature, verify ID and take a picture of where a package has been left off. The goal is to provide more than 15,000 dedicated devices with a Samsung ruggedised device with Scandit solution. By replacing these dedicated devices with smartphones, Hermes could significantly lower the total cost of ownership while providing couriers with a much more flexible and intuitive solution.

Enabling Remote Device Management and Deployment for Cervecería Nacional
Panama’s largest beverage company, Cervecería Nacional, partnered with Samsung to embark on its digital transformation efforts. Effective and easy mobility management was critical for successful implementation.

The company was able to deliver a new mobile workstyle by eliminating the reliance on unprotected, uncontrolled devices and data, which came with too much liability. It also deployed a new mobile app to support onsite sales and manage inventory at vending machines and warehouses.

To have a better grasp of the devices in operation within the company, the IT department converted to using Samsung Knox Manage. It could remotely

set limits for mobile data and restrict which apps workers can install and which domains they have access to. This has saved the team more than 50 hours a month, allowing the team to improve their efficiencies in business management, minimise risk and capitalise on opportunities for profitable growth.

Support tickets and calls are also down, saving money and time for the IT team to innovate and redirect efforts to business-critical projects. By controlling worker data and application use, the company has also eliminated data overage fees, decreasing costs by 10 per cent.

Readying for a digital-led future with Samsung Knox
The Linfox, Hermes UK and Cervecería Nacional case studies highlighted how it is critical to find the right partner with proven solutions and capabilities that deliver real-world results.

Samsung Knox offers organisations access to a complete suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and introduce greater transparency. Ultimately, this allows business leaders to succeed in streamlining and optimising processes with transformative impact.

Knox Configure enables remote configuration to transform a fleet of mobile devices for specific business needs. It addresses enterprise demand for singular, tailored IT-supported devices that cater to multiple functions. For the logistics industry, this could mean creating a purpose-built device for kiosk mode and transforming the phone into a walkie-talkie to enable barcode scanning and delivery signing all from a single device.

Knox Capture enables barcode scanning for real-time accuracy and thorough documentation, while Knox Manage optimises employee device management and monitoring.

And for an all-up enterprise mobility management option, Knox Manage gives more visibility and delivers real-time insights to allow full control for IT Teams to manage employee devices on the go, minimising risks and significantly lowering operational costs for damage and loss.

By embracing mobility through secure device management, enterprise-level mobile functionalities and centralised device management, organisations in the logistics and supply chain sector will be better equipped to address and adapt to rapid challenges arising from digitisation and the pandemic. Designed with security, manageability and productivity in mind, Samsung enables logistics and supply chain  professionals to be agile and seamlessly transform operations and workflows to stay ahead of the curve in a digital future.

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