Sustainable Logistics Operations: Leveraging Advanced Automation Technologies

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Sustainable Logistics Operations:

Leveraging Advanced Automation Technologies


Attendees Profile: CIOs, CTOs, CSCOs, C-minus 1, Supply Chain Head or Operations Head from the verticals of End User Logistics (Digital, MedTech, Healthcare) service providers or 3PLs



The increasing attention by various stakeholders on sustainability and the unforeseen supply chain disruption has thrown up many challenges to logistics operation.

On the demand side, end manufacturers are facing fierce global competition, innovation pressure, and ever more short reaction time to deliver their products to their customers. Consumers are dictating when, where and how they wish their orders to be delivered.

Digitalization in the logistic operation chain can bring end to end visibility, identify opportunities to optimize operation and reduce errors. Warehouse automation technology not only can improve operation efficiency, but also help to deploy scare manpower resources more effectively.

How do we balance the cost of investments in Digitalization and Automation in pursue of sustainability?

Is productivity and sustainability contradictory?

Our esteem industrial panelists will share insights on adopting sustainability practices while at the same time achieving efficiency and reduce waste.

Topics of discussion and sharing include but limited to:

1. Promoting optimization of regional economic structure

2. Leveraging Advance Automation Technologies

3. Sustainability through optimizing operations toward decarbonization both operation and software

4. 5G in Sustainable Logistics Operation


Host (Facilitator):

  • Bob Gill, General Manager, Southeast Asia at ARC Advisory Group


  • Dr Raymon Krishnan, President at the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society
  • Swami Vangal-Ramamurthy, Division Head, Robotics and Services Business Division, Omron Asia Pacific
  • Wilson Ang, Group Chief Operating Officer at VE Capital Asia
  • James Chan Yung Hau, Associate Director Ecosystem & Partnership, 5G Business Development, Enterprise 5G & Platform, Singtel


Date / Time
02 March 2023
2:00pm – 5:00pm




Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a multi-billion-dollar, diversified company with business units producing industrial automation products, device & module solutions, healthcare and social system solutions. The company is a global leader in the Industrial Automation business providing complete automation solutions for various industrial applications. It brings innovation to manufacturing sites through its innovative-automation comprising of “Integrated”, “Intelligent” and “Interactive” concepts with one of the world’s most sophisticated and wide product range encompassing panel components, smart sensors, Vision technologies, PLCs, Servos, Drives, Robots & Cobots and Machine safety solutions (ILOR+S technology).[vc_gallery type=”flexslider_slide” interval=”5″ images=”19305,19304,19303,19315,19314,19313,19312,19311,19310,19309,19308,19307,19306″ img_size=”full”]