Synopsis: GeTS Webinar 9th Sept 2021

Building Supply Chain Resilience for Turbulent Times

This webinar was presented by CargoNow, in collaboration with GeTS (Global e-Trade Services). Joining the GeTS team, were guest speakers from Enterprise Singapore, Keeptial, TradeWaltz.

The highlights showed “How can a Digital Cross-Border Platform increase market access for e-Commerce players in Japan & Asia Pacific Region” – we saw how e-commerce has flourished in the ASEAN region – a show case of how Japanese businesses could use this momentum to grow their regional and even global trading activity.

Innovations on e-commerce solutions in ASEAN & the use of digital tools, illustrates an accelerated wave in digitalisation. Panelists agreed such successes can be strongly attributed to leveraging the right platforms, with competent enabling partners, in the 3 key areas of e-commerce facilitation. This approach delivers best practices, leverages proven expertise & enables small traders and SME to play in bigger markets.

GeTS introduced – CALISTA, a solution to illustrate the capabilities for a traders – an e-commerce supply chain solution featuring a list of Enabling Partners.

The complexity levels of regional & global trade, makes digital platforms indispensable for success.

In conclusion, our panelists parted with some sound advice in their take-away messages:-

  • Fabian Tan – Group Director Enterprise Singapore -“Japanese traders have a golden opportunity to enter a bouyant e-commerce market by leveraging on many mature Enabling Partners”
  • Saturo Someya-san MD TradeWaltz Inc -“Business should use the data to evolve their model & leverage on the many options available to them”.
  • Patrick Tan – Co-Founder Keepital -“Be better prepared by knowing & defining your business better“
  • Wong So SanRegional Sales Director GeTS Asia – “Digitalisation is a tool, but a change in mindset is critical – the market is “hot” – users need to try the options out there”
  • Ng Chee Keong Vice President GeTS Asia – “You must leverage on the available platforms to bring you closer to the world”

My appreciation to all the panelists for their great contributions & discussion and also to Wayne Yoshida Director SCM Logistics & Transportation FocusCore, for his support in co-hosting the webinar.Joe Lombardo – Editor-in-Chief of LogiSYM Magazine” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”]

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