Synopsis: IQAX Webinar 29th Sept 2021

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This webinar was presented by LogiSYM, in collaboration with IQAX (Intelligence to accelerate transformation). IQAX is an independent entity with a deep understanding of ocean shipping and a strong heritage in global trade digitalisation and logistics visibility.

Leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, IQAX is launching solutions to create an industry-first: an ecosystem that transcends the limitations of the parallel working paradigm to deliver predictive analytics, end-to-end visibility and digitalised process management throughout the supply chain.

“The challenges of managing Cold Chain Logistics is not a new one, but the complexities and variables inherent in today’s supply chain models, are far many” said Rajesh Sidhu, Senior Manager Sales, as we opened the discussion. “Such complexities really need new solutions and smart features to help shippers gain control and manage their supply chains” continued Rajesh Sidhu.

“ We listen to the voice of the Customers as build our solution” adds Kate Law, Assistant Manager, Product Architecture & Design “ there many areas that we need to address to fulfil our Customers’ expectations”, says Kate Law. IQAX are very attentive to their Client’s needs and have structured their solutions in an easy and scalable format.

Tina Chow, Product Manager highlights Customers concerns and their impact. A clear illustrations shows the 3 key concerns that directly impact the Profit & Loss status. “Whilst we can see the impact of unplanned operational costs and degradation of service, the biggest hidden impact are potential penalties”, says Tina Chow, “ we call them OTIF – <On Time In Full Penalties”.

“ Our solution will help shippers, carriers and customers better control the end-to-end cold chain variables, giving also clear visibility”,

Lam, Senior Product Manager, explain what is means to leverage IoT in a cold chain solution and how IQAX is doing this successfully. “ The difference between what exists today & what IQAX offers Customers, is combing software and hardware in a smart manner. It is about managing data in a fast, clean and effective way” says Billy Lam. To help us understand the components of the solution, Billy presented a visual that brings together all the key aspects that drive the IQAX solution.

The panel discussed the  benefits of the IQAX solution for shippers -multi-modal logistics, data security, integration is very short – 1 day can be enough to deploy sensors & set-up and ease of enabling multi- stakeholders to engage onto the platform with in a very time horizon.

To summarise the discussion, the panel shared their views on how cold chain shippers could be losing out by not adopting a solution to manage their end-to-end cold chain logistics.

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In conclusion, our panelists from    IQAX parted with some sound advice in their take-away messages:-

Billy Lam -“the IQAX solutions gives our Customers a competitive advantage in cold chain logistics”

Tina Chow – “our solution brings Reliability, Dependability and Accuracy to cold chain logistics”

Kate Law – the IQAX solution is a platform, give shippers complete control and improve service”

Rajesh Sidhu – “investing in new technologies, will bring immediate benefits to your cold chain”

My appreciation to the panelists for their great contributions & discussion. A thank you also to Kendrick Ng, Member of the Supply and Distribution Group (part of The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society) for his support in co-hosting this webinar.

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