Synopsis: MIFB LogiSYM Symposium on Halal Logistics -Technology Adaptation & Enabler

On 29th July LogiSYM partnered with MIFB (Malaysian International Food & Beverage) to produce an interesting webinar on Halal Logistics – Technology Adaptation & Enabler.

The focus of the webinar was to discuss & make many aware of the progress achieved in the area of Halal logistics, a sector that is growing, and yet many know little about.

The webinar content addressed the elements that will enable a transformation of Halal logistics more viable & develop the key elements to make it also sustainable across the whole supply chain.

  • The key Note Speaker Prof Dr Marco Tieman – elaborated on the status of Halal Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Technology & Innovation, the inherent challenges, but also the major achievements to date. Malaysia has led this initiative for several years, and whilst there have been several barriers, good progress has been made. Dr Tieman outlined the many opportunities in this sector, from adopting new technologies, cluster hubs, sustainable policies, advance packaging & even to e-commerce. Developing & sustaining Halal logistics, requires the creation of a robust eco-system.
  • In the Technology Expert Panel discussion, it was clear that the new technologies are very suited to the Halal logistics when it came to certifications, traceability & food security. Blockchain, whilst still new, can delivery a big positive, engaging small reducers was a challenge. The panel concluded standards need to be simple & effective and funding are still required to drive technology adoption. Modelising a show case pilot, would get higher engagement, create the right value proposition for using block chain effectively.
  • In the Cold Chain Expert Panel discussion, the opportunities for operators of Halal logistics were many. The challenges of Halal cold chain from “farm-to-fork”, may seem similar, but varies between Asia & Middle East. Tendency of frozen food for stock-piling vs cold chain for fresh food requires different control parameters & conditions. The panel concluded Halal logistics, not as a Muslim driven initiative, but a guarantee of a “clean food label” – being free of contamination, a control of its origin and control in the supply lines, will become more an inclusive concept vs an exclusive model for food chains.
  • In the Malaysian a Halal Regional Hub Presentation by Mr Aziz Meor Ngap, highlighted the fragmented supply chain for Halal logistics, needs to be fixed. Leveraging on the “single window” & expanding the Halal eco-system would greatly help. Business models for Halal supply chain logistics, need to be better integrated, standards well defined, localisation better structured & sponsors to drive change & transformation. Mr Aziz concluded that a lot more promotion & education is required, to create that well informed awareness of the many benefits Halal logistics could bring to food chains in general.

The Takeaway thoughts convincingly suggest that many new opportunities present themselves for fresh thinking & innovations in the food supply chain sector.  The Panel discussions & Presentations gave us very coherent messages, that our food supply chains need to be seriously reviewed.

Could Halal logistics be that “game changing enabler” that can make our food chains more secure, origins more reliability & create a truly new dimension of trust in the farm-to-fork certifications?

Joe Lombardo
Founder of ESP Consult

Joe Lombardo has advised CEOs on change management through a supply chain focus.
The need for change is a very likely and necessary step for their business development and sustainability. However, starting a journey of transformation within their organisation can be hugely daunting. This introduction to a transformational journey illustrates that it is not as complicated or as expensive as it may seem. But the rewards and benefits will be significant. ESP Consult advises on structuring the model to facilitate and successfully implement Adaptive Supply Chain driven organisation. For those involved, it has been an enlightening and motivating experience.