A Regulator’s View – LogiSYM April 2019

Hi, I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you! Now, before you roll around on the floor laughing, just hear me out. Please. Because, I think Government regulators do help you. I’m a lifelong regulator, a Customs guy, whatever that means these days. Most of my working career has been spent refining customs […]

Selecting the Right Technology for A Functional Optimisation – LogiSYM April 2019

A Method for Ensuring and Assuring the Correct Decision for the Digital Age There is an increasing trend within the business world to incorporate technology. Especially. An AI-enabled initiative can provide a competitive edge and sustain the efficient running of operations without the ‘complexities’ of managing large workforces.  However, such endeavors are often embroiled in […]

Logistics 4.0 and the Connected Customer – LogiSYM April 2019

Connections are a fact of life Connections shape how we interact with the world around us, whether we communicate or trade goods with each other. Trade connects people within and across countries. From mundane commodities to sophisticated electronic goods, modern trade is conducted on a scale and speed unimagined in the past. All connected through […]

How to Survive a Low Trust Culture – Part 2 – LogiSYM April 2019

It is quite common for high integrity leaders to be leading in an organisation that doesn’t value people in the same way they do.  This can be highly frustrating and disappointing for leaders who have been with the company for a long time. But leaders who complain about the culture become part of the problem […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – April 2019

A Regulator’s View This edition presents insights from a regulatory perspective, guides on choosing technology for operational optimization, explores the relationship between Logistics 4.0 and customer connectivity, and discusses strategies for thriving in a low-trust corporate environment. Articles in this edition include: