The Secret to Rapid Digitisation: A Dual Platform Strategy

The new network way of thinking that digitises and maximises enterprise performance quickly OVERVIEW One of the industry’s biggest concerns is how to digitise and transform quickly, without starting from scratch and having to throw away your enormous investment in traditional systems. The good news is that you don’t have to—even if you have hundreds […]

Digital and the Supply Chain—How Far Have We Come?

The reality of digitalisation “Two years of digital transformation in two months,” was the comment that one retailer made when discussing how COVID-19 had accelerated their digitalisation journey. For many organisations, this change was forced upon them so they could continue to run their businesses. The impact was across manufacturing plants, transport networks, warehouses, and […]

Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture

As a direct result of the pandemic, the demand for e-grocery has risen by more than 60%. Warehouses across the country struggled to cope with the sudden influx of orders. It soon became clear that even a guaranteed system availability of almost 100% doesn’t mean the flow of goods can handle a big jump in […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – April 2021

KEEPING AN EYE ON THE BIG PICTURE This edition delves into effective strategies for digital transformation in business, assesses the progress of digital integration in supply chains, emphasizes the importance of a holistic view in business strategy, and discusses the urgency and determination required to achieve sustainability targets. Articles in this edition include:

Green Corridor: Pace and Resolve Needed to Help Reach Sustainability Goals

By Timothy Foote, Susymbio, boutique consulting On Reflection Being a logistics operations professional, I am always concerned about “slipping backwards.” It’s not an unreasonable concern. Managers involved with process control often worry about the same thing. Many people after all are not excited about changes; they actually see change as a threat. So when it […]