Restructuring Global Value Chains – Leveraging the New Normal – LogiSYM August 2019

Given the turbulent and challenging economic outlook, firms are now, more than ever, looking at ways to mitigate the effects and pressures being imposed on their supply chains. The trade war and other disruptive effects such as slowing economic conditions, legislative changes and increased compliance requirements are impacting global value chains (GVCs). It is somewhat […]

Supply Chain 4.0 – what is it & where is this going? – LogiSYM August 2019

There is a lot of hype and excitement about ‘transformation’. And indeed even more about “digital transformation”, a term banded around quite a lot. But for many this topic is not well understood. For others, with some subject knowledge, it is about technology. And for the rest of us it is a big challenge to […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – August 2019

Restructuring Global Value Chains – Leveraging the New Normal This edition invites readers to LogiSYM Dubai 2019 and delves into the restructuring of global value chains in the current economic climate, as well as exploring the nature and future direction of Supply Chain 4.0. Articles in this edition include: