Digitisation: Shifting Gears in 2021

2020 will be remembered as the year of mass digitisation. Few had imagined that the wind finally started turning. But when humans don’t have a choice, they adapt. Before Covid-19, pressures resulted from slowing growth and trade wars and rising consumer expectations. Consumers demand more transparency, governments wish to ensure homeland security, and supply chain […]

LogiSYM—Vietnam Digital 2020 – LogiSYM December/January 2021

BY Joe Lombardo, Editor-In- Chief, LogiSYM EVENT HIGHLIGHTS 2020 has been the year of virtual conferences and meetings for most of us. We have discovered whole new world of virtual video conferencing platforms, of which the most well known is Zoom. But there are many more that have appeared, giving us a vast array of […]

Supply Chain Risk Management: Risks of Relocating a Business ‘China to Vietnam’

According to Lambert and Cooper, accelerating globalisation and propelling innovations have been responsible over the past years for developing market competition. As a result, the focus for enterprises has moved from contending between them on conveying better quality products to reforming their respective supply chain networks. Effective supply chain design and management thereof allow companies […]

From soba to udon—Are the noodles in the FTA bowl getting too thick? – LogiSYM December/January 2021

If nothing else, the COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to look for cost savings with significantly increased vigour. Sooner or later, they should be considering the use of Preferential Trade Agreements. These agreements offer companies preferential access to the markets of member territories (“parties”), provided they meet the conditions of the agreement. So far so […]