Supply Chain Collaboration – a prerequisite for low carbon logistics?

In an earlier issue of LogiSys I summarised the results of a survey that Kuehne Logistics University’s new Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains and the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) conducted enquiring about European-based companies’ efforts to decarbonise their logistics.  In this follow-up article I focus an important aspect of the […]

Profitable Agility and Resilience in Supply Chain Execution

Synopsis: Imperatives in an Unpredictable World The Covid-19 pandemic has confirmed what we already knew: modern supply chains must be built on a foundation of extreme agility and responsiveness. The sudden onset of Covid-19 only reinforced what supply chain professionals had already realized: uncertainty is the only real certainty. In an age of great volatility, […]

The Secret to Rapid Digitisation: A Dual Platform Strategy

The new network way of thinking that digitises and maximises enterprise performance quickly OVERVIEW One of the industry’s biggest concerns is how to digitise and transform quickly, without starting from scratch and having to throw away your enormous investment in traditional systems. The good news is that you don’t have to—even if you have hundreds […]