Green Corridor: Counting Carbons

Do you know how carbon is counted? Six years ago when I took on the role as Head of Go Green at DHL eCommerce, the first thing I needed to know was where the company stood in its carbon footprint trail. The first and foremost question was: “How much carbon was being produced and emitted […]

Ultimate Guide To Technologies That Are Transforming Supply Chains

Technology can have a significant impact on supply chains, but supply chain digitization still lags behind digitization of other areas of business across many industries. According to research from McKinsey & Company, the supply chain dimension has the lowest level of digitization (43%) compared to other dimensions, including products and services, marketing and distribution channels, […]

Are Ocean Freight Prices Absolutely Broken?

Special thanks to Lars Jensen, CEO at Sea Intelligence Consulting and Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos Group for their input and insights for this report. Shipping containers are like scotch. It’s hard to predict what demand will be like for products like these ahead of time. Just take a look at pricing fluctuations for Suntory’s […]

Searching for Sustainability: Balancing Economics and Environmental Objectives in Logistics

The vital role of logistics and its decarbonisation in the fight against climate change is undisputed. Yet there are still concerns that environmental improvements might impair the economic efficiency of logistics. A new study by the Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) at Kühne Logistics University, in cooperation with the European Freight & […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – February 2021

Searching for Sustainability: Balancing Economics and Environmental Objectives in Logistics This edition discusses methods for carbon assessment in logistics, explores transformative technologies in supply chains, questions the current state of ocean freight pricing, and examines the pursuit of sustainability by balancing economic and environmental goals in logistics. Articles in this edition include: