LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – January 2019

Outlook 2019: The Intangible Assets that Drive the Digital Revolution This edition focuses on the unseen drivers of the digital revolution, analyzes the environmental impact of e-commerce packaging, and highlights seven key e-commerce trends in the ASEAN region. Articles in this edition include:

Outlook 2019: The Intangible Assets That Drive The Digital Revolution

In 2019, the Yara Birkeland, world’s first autonomous and zero emissions ship is due to start operation. Is this a sign that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is about to reach the shipping industry ? Advanced technologies have disrupted and recombined industries, and dislocated workers. Cloud computing, the internet of things, distributed ledger technology, such […]

7 ASEAN e-Commerce Trends We Need To Pay Attention To

In the e-commerce world, Southeast Asia has both new and established e-commerce retailers sitting up and taking notice. According to iPrice Group’s 2017 State of eCommerce report, e-commerce transactions surpassed $10 billion in 2017, up from $5.5 billion in 2015 and projected to go up to a massive $88 billion in 2025. Though the western […]