LogiSYM Magazine – January/ February 2018

Leadership Edition – Leadership Excellence for the Digital Age (10 Tips for Converting Possibilities into Opportunities) This edition delves into the significance of leadership in business success, explores leadership skills relevant in the digital era, and provides guidance on fostering accountability through effective conversations with team members. Articles in this edition include:

Leadership Excellence for the Digital Age – LogiSYM January/February 2018

10 Tips for Converting Possibilities into Opportunities Leadership at the helm of progressive organizations is becoming increasingly difficult. The lure of efficiency-driven technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), significantly impacting the corporate landscape is a major challenge. Innovation is being seen as the key to relevance and survival in the Digital age, rather than, as […]

How to Have a Conversation with Your Direct Report to Improve Accountability

In supply chain, decisions around profit, process and product can be relatively easy. It involves making rational decisions based on stable and predictable empirical evidence. But where it gets tricky is making decisions involving people. Developing and progressing people – the company’s culture – is always difficult. Humans are complex, unpredictable and emotional. Some are even […]