Sealed for Sustainability – LogiSYM July 2019

Most people will be familiar with bubble wrap, that transparent and tactile plastic material used for  packaging protection. In fact, you’re very likely to have seen and experienced it as a child, taking much delight in popping those air-filled pockets. It is likely, however, that not so many know that “bubble wrap” is actually a […]

KEYfields, Supply Chain Technology Solutions – LogiSYM July 2019

Surpassing Excellence From 2.0 to 4.0 and Beyond Kenny Tan founded software company KEYfields in 2003 with a few other logisticians after they saw many gaps in Logistics software that was available on the market at that time. Their mission was simple, develop and make available software solutions that would help logistics companies improve efficiency […]

Why Do Few Business Transformation Initiatives Successfully Deliver Their Intended Objectives? – LogiSYM July 2019

The Concept You only have to mention Transformation & Change management programs, and you will get some sort of reaction. This is not unusual, as many organisations will have initiated some form of a change management program. But what would be surprising, is to see, how many organisations have actually successfully advanced or even completed […]