GeTS Rolls Out Upgrades to CALISTA to Streamline Global Trade Processes

Technology is fast changing the logistics industry. Where there used to be a lot of complicated manual procedures and paperwork, today, many processes can be automated to provide greater transparency, visibility and traceability across the entire value chain – from logistics, compliance to financing. Global eTrade Services’ (GeTS) technology powered platform, CALISTA® – offers such […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – June/July 2021

ACCELERATE YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WITH INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION AND RPA This edition highlights GeTS’ enhancements to CALISTA for global trade, the impact of advanced manufacturing and digitalization on supply chain logistics, the importance of real-time visibility in logistics, regulatory changes aiding greener logistics decisions, and the use of intelligent platforms to manage disruptions and uncertainty in […]

Industry Transformation: Advanced Manufacturing and Digitalisation of Supply Chain-Logistics

INTRODUCTION In the last few years lacklustre Global Economic Growth and sluggish Global & Regional  Trade have adversely affected Singapore’s economic growth. The Covid-19 pandemic severely exacerbated  the shock to the Global economy .Global and Regional Trade and related Supply chains experienced unprecedented disruptions. International Airports and Ports  almost came to a standstill as the […]

In the crosshairs: Real-time logistics visibility

  Abstract Much attention (and financing) has been directed over the past years to the expansion of supply chain visibility, mainly “real-time visibility platforms” and to “sensor-based visibility solutions“. The promise of these remains not the visibility itself, but the enablement of improved decision making, flexibility and agility in supply chains, and the automation of […]

Getting to Zero! How Changing Regulation Will Help Logistics Managers Make Greener Choices

Timothy Foote – Founder of Susymbio” heading_tag=”h3″ alignment=”left” sub_heading_style=”font-style:italic;” margin_design_tab_text=””] Tim Foote runs Susymbio, a boutique consulting firm advising clients on e-commerce logistics solutions and provides sustainability program management services. Tim worked in various positions with MNCs for more than 25 years, gaining a wide knowledge and expertise in logistics operations, Tim has crafted delivery […]

Disruption in Supply Networks – How intelligent network platforms optimize for variability and uncertainty

As we know, technology really isn’t what it’s all about. We’re looking for business value, and that ultimately comes from solving endemic business problems in your supply network. Recent events, such as the pandemic and the Suez Canal blockage, have made people realize they don’t really have as much visibility and control over their supply […]

Accelerate your digital transformation with Intelligent Automation and RPA

Overview The need for digital transformation has been accelerated by COVID-19 and the pace with which enterprises have embraced digital technologies during the pandemic is unprecedented. Businesses have moved at lightning speed and taken actions swiftly to pivot in order to optimize their key processes and core operations to manage the disruptions while the pandemic […]