LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – June/July 2024

Embracing Supply Chain and Corporate Resilience This edition covers key topics aimed at strengthening supply chains through various strategies. It delves into the role of biodiversity in enhancing ecosystem resilience, emphasizing the benefits of maintaining diverse species. The issue also addresses the specific challenges and risks associated with halal supply chains. Additionally, it provides strategies […]

The Green Corridor: Biodiversity – More Species are Better than One

Biodiversity is Key to Our Planet’s Resilience by Timothy Foote, Director Transportation & Network APAC at Asendia and Founder of Susymbio This month, I had the pleasure of joining my fellow volunteers at Singapore Wildcat Action Group to work the booth at Singapore’s annual Festival of Biodiversity at One Punggol, Singapore. National Parks Singapore organises […]

Halal Supply Chain Risks

By Dr. Marco Tieman, CEO – LBB International Background The global Islamic economy, according to the 2023/24 State of The Global Islamic Economy Report, is an estimated USD 2.29 trillion industry consisting of the following key sectors: halal food, modest fashion, media & recreation, travel, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. As a result, the Islamic economy supported […]

Strategies for Meeting Regulatory Requirements Without Sacrificing Agility for Supply Chain Resilience

Opinion Editorial by Dr. Shereen Nassar, Global Director Logistics Studies Maintaining agility in supply chains while increasing resilience is an essential balance for companies seeking to enhance their operational efficiency without compromising regulatory compliance. Achieving a delicate balance between agility and governance is key to success considering the rapidly changing business dynamics. Agility is essential […]

Fostering Resilience in Supply Chain Operations

by Dr. Albert Tan, Associate Professor and Academic Program Director – Asian Institute of Management, and Siti Norida Wahab, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Management – UiTM Puncak Alam In today’s interconnected global landscape, disruptions to supply chain operations pose significant risks to the stability and success of any organization. From natural disasters to […]