LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – February 2024

Digital Transformation: Digitalisation & Digital Supply Chain Strategies The content covers the incorporation of digital transformation in supply chain processes, the intersection of transportation with the wider decarbonisation agenda at COP28, and the competitive landscape and challenges in advancing the scale-up of sustainable aviation fuels. Articles in this edition include:

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – October 2023

The Evolution of Asset Management: Humans, Inventory and the Rise of AI In this edition, we have several news updates, interesting & enlightening articles, and contributions on people & management – topics that are most crucial to the development of the Supply Chain Industry across regions as well as globally. Download the latest LogiSYM Supply […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – August 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Generative AI’s Impact on Supply Chains This edition explores advancements in cloud-based supply chain technologies, essential leadership skills during health crises, the influence of generative AI on supply logistics, eco-friendly trends in healthcare distribution, and strategies for managing risks in global maritime shipping. Articles in this edition include:

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – June-July 2023

Resilience and Agility in Supply Chains: Navigating Change in a Dynamic World This edition addresses navigating the complexities of global regulations, enhancing supply chain adaptability, diversifying for resilience, managing risks in maritime logistics, and the pivotal role of logistics in ensuring food security during humanitarian challenges. Articles in this edition include:

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – May 2023

Negotiating from Strength – The tools that you need for a winning contract with LSPs This edition discusses strategies for negotiating with logistics providers, analyzing the environmental impact of agriculture, embracing augmented reality technologies, and enhancing Rwanda’s coffee exports through an innovative online marketplace. Articles in this edition include: