LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – March 2019

The Future of the Autonomous Supply Chain This edition explores the prospects of self-operating supply chains, offers strategies for navigating low-trust work environments, and examines how collaborative partnerships can enhance organizational performance. Articles in this edition include:

The Future of The Autonomous Supply Chain – LogiSYM March 2019

An Interview with Mark Morley, Director, Strategic Product Marketing at OpenText   Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the journey that has led to your current role at OpenText? As Director of Strategic Product Marketing for OpenText’s Business Network division, I lead the product marketing efforts for OpenText’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Managed […]

How to Survive a Low Trust Culture – Part 1 – LogiSYM March 2019

Typically, leaders ask me “I trust my team, but I don’t trust management at large or even the culture.  How can I build trust in a low trust company?”  It’s a good question that can be difficult for an individual to overcome without the right strategies. Some people solve the problem by resigning and going elsewhere.  Others choose to […]

How Can An Enabled Partner Collaboration Deliver A Higher Performance? – LogiSYM March 2019

The market is dynamic, consumer behaviours are inconstant and evolve each passing day. In turn makes demand fluctuate while both internal (organisational) or external (market) circumstances escalate existing obstacles. This impedes business partners (manufacturers and retailers) from building long term business plans. In return this increases the risks of managing working capital in an optimal […]