Safer and Faster: Singapore’s Known Consignor Regime

It would appear that shippers are in delay to apply for Singapore Known Consignor Regime (KCR). The deadline is 30th April 2021 to submit the application to the Singapore Airport Police Division. KCR is a security measure to further enhance air cargo security on commercial aircrafts from global terrorist threat. This is a requirement by […]

The Beginning of the Beginning: A Progress Report on the Digitisation of Supply Chains

OVERVIEW We hear it everywhere: Covid-19 has accelerated digitization—but I have several questions! Is this true for the supply chain industry? What is the speed of progress specifically there? Is there real evidence that supports the impression that digitization is truly and durably accelerated? What seems to be clear by now is that the COVID-19 […]

Green Corridor: Gemba Your Way to Green!

Replace florescent lights with LEDs! Forgo disposable plastic utensils! Reuse all boxes for export packaging! Compel staff to think twice before printing out hard copies of any document! These are just some of the actions that move organizations toward sustainability. By recommending easily actionable solutions and motivating your employees and team members to adopt them […]

Now Is the Right Time for Supply Chains To Do the Right Things

OVERVIEW Without a doubt 2020 will be etched in our memories as the year of multiple disasters, with the Covid-19 pandemic, trade issues between the US and China, wildfires in Australia, social unrest in Hong Kong, drastic declines in oil prices, turbulent financial markets and other politically dominated issues in emerging markets. All these events […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – March 2021

The Beginning of the Beginning: A Progress report on the Digitisation of Supply Chains This edition covers Singapore’s initiative for secure and efficient cargo handling, an update on the digital transformation of supply chains, implementing practical environmental strategies in logistics, and the timely importance of ethical and responsible practices in supply chain management. Articles in […]