LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – May/June 2018

The Bumpy Belt and Road This edition examines the impact of protectionism on emerging markets amid US-China trade tensions, discusses the correlation between worker health and productivity, and explores the challenges and progress of the Belt and Road initiative. Articles in this edition include:

When Protectionism Strikes – how will emerging markets fare in the wake of the looming US-China Trade War? – LogiSYM May/June 2018

[vc_single_image image=”8774″ img_size=”large” qode_css_animation=””]It has been several months now since the world’s two largest economies initiated their latest round of head-butting and those two ominous words suddenly snapped their way back into our daily economic vocabulary – ‘trade wars’. After months of verbal warnings and tit-for-tat measures, the US-China rift seems to be finally approaching […]

Healthy & Safe Workers Improve Productivity – LogiSYM May/June 2018

[vc_single_image image=”8764″ img_size=”large” qode_css_animation=””]It only takes a split second for something to go wrong, and in a warehouse, the consequences can be dire. Injuries can be as insignificant as skin abrasion to broken bones and worse still, loss of life. According to 2017 global figures compiled on occupational accidents and work-related illnesses by the International […]

The Bumpy Belt and Road – LogiSYM May/June 2018

[vc_single_image image=”8753″ img_size=”large” qode_css_animation=””]The BRI is something we have been following for some time – from writing and speaking about it – to even judging competitions on it. We were recently in Nanning for the 2018 Pan-Beibu Gulf Think Tank Summit to talk with government, business and think tanks on the benefits that the Southern […]