5 Common Cross-Border Shipping Issues For Online Retailers and How To Solve Them – LogiSYM May/June 2019

Ever wanted to bring your business worldwide? Think about all the exposure, brand building and most importantly, customers you can reach out to if you expanded overseas. The numbers are in agreement too. Successfully extending your offerings beyond your local markets can double your sales, and even more! However, bringing your business worldwide has its […]

LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – May/June 2019

Early Days for Blockchain – But the Future is Bright! This edition provides solutions for common shipping challenges faced by online retailers, delves into the potential of blockchain technology in its early stages, and offers strategies to align customer expectations with their experiences in eCommerce. Articles in this edition include:

Early Days for Blockchain – But the Future is Bright! – LogiSYM May/June 2019

Blockchain has been a buzzword in the shipping industry for a number of years. But it has had many false starts with high expectations of what can be achieved. The ultimate goal is to deliver a complete paperless integration within the international distribution chains. His would include the physical, administrative and financial streams of the […]

8 Tips to Bridge the Gap between Customer Expectations and Customer Experiences in eCommerce – LogiSYM May/June 2019

The Digital Age has empowered the customer like never before! This is especially true within the realm of eCommerce. I suppose this due to the alluring promise of better deals, optimized convenience, faster deliveries, broader choices, desired qualities, and customized services. This has emboldened Customers, who has become more demanding in their expectations. Consequently, organizations […]