Addressing the Talent Gap in Logistics and Supply Chain

“There is no doubt that the global supply chain market is growing exponentially. The mismatch between the high demands by employers and the supply of logistics skills and knowledge is resulting in a growing gap in the logistics & supply chain market”. Talent gaps in logistics and supply chain, continues to be a top challenge […]

Packing for the Future

Have you seen the video of an innovative way to pack a suit in a rolled-up cardboard tube (https:// that’s been circling among the logistics crowd on LinkedIn? I must admit, new ideas on how to package anything more efficiently (and better yet, sustainably) is like catnip to me, a self-proclaimed tree-hugging logistics nerd. […]

DB Schenker – Singapore: A Vital Node in Singapore’s Logistics Ecosystem

Singapore’s Status a Global Hub From its peak, 97% flight capacity was reduced from Singapore Airlines. Typically, 45% to 50% of cargo is carried in belly holds of aircraft. With such dramatic reductions in flights, Singapore’s status of a logistics hub was put severely at risk. However Singapore has managed to preserve it position as […]

Rethinking the next normal: Transforming Logistics and Supply Chain Workflows with Samsung

There is no doubt that the pandemic has radically transformed the logistics and supply chain industry, especially with increased demand and reliance on deliveries. Today, there is expectation for organisations to deliver top-notch customer experience with efficiency and transparency. The sector, however, has been moving steadily towards a more flexible and mobile work style as […]