LogiSYM Supply Chain Magazine – October/November 2020

Automating the Big Chill This edition provides an overview of the global transportation industry, explores the role of information sharing in enhancing supply chain visibility, views disruptions as chances for growth, discusses the impact of digital technologies on supply chain automation, and details the implementation of an automated deep-freeze warehouse by SSI Schaefer in Manila. […]

Supply Chain Disruptions Are New Opportunities – LogiSYM October/November 2020

Unlike SARS in 2003, the Covid-19 pandemic has spawned an unprecedented Global health pandemic.  No country has been spared – with over 35 million infected people and deaths exceeding 1.0 million. The enforcements of draconian lockdowns, various economies have experienced severe shocks, adversely affecting global trade, global tourism & travel, International Aviation and Airports as […]

Current State of International Transportation Industry – LogiSYM October/November 2020

What TRAMES Aims to Tackle Our vision at TRAMES, is to reduce global trade barriers through digitalizing international freight and transportation. By convening players, who would normally work in isolation, to participate on a collaborative platform, information and documentation can now be relayed dynamically, in real time.  Doing so significantly reduces physical paperwork, as well […]

Information Sharing Communities for Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Visibility – LogiSYM October/November 2020

Supply chain operations can be complex. Especially where multi-modal transport is necessary, and where dynamic decision making is required for the routing of goods in-transit. These supply chain operations are pursued in an environment that can be characterised as a self-organising ecosystem. Connections between various (local) data sharing environments in networks of networks enable stakeholders […]

Leveraging Digital Technologies To Reinvent And Accelerate Supply Chain Automation – LogiSYM October/November 2020

Beyond the traditional business models With the proliferation of technology, digital transformation has taken many industries by storm. The logistics sector is also not immune to these changes. The world of logistics and distribution is volatile, uncertain and more competitive than ever before. With the digitization trend, a major shift is imminent in the Industry. […]

Logistics Experts from SSI Schaefer Implement Automated Deep-Freeze Warehouse in Manila, Philippines – LogiSYM October/November 2020

Sustainable deep-freeze logistics secure food supply The topic of sustainability and sustainable action is becoming increasingly important worldwide, as resources are finite and need to be used sensibly. To this end, measures must be taken, and solutions developed, in order to achieve global climate goals. The initiative “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” aims to leverage […]