Transforming Operating and Communication Protocols in the Supply Chain with Business Rugged Devices

PREAMBLE: The supply chain and logistics sector is  undergoing seismic transformation due to accelerated digitalisation of global trade and commerce. Companies now need to be communicating in real-time, while meeting higher demands and increase in volume of transactions. Having a built-for-purpose enterprise device is critical in such instances.

Supply chains are now at the fore of many businesses. The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of logistics and effective supply chain management to meet the increased trade and commerce volumes – both online and offline. Warehouse and logistics operators are under more pressure than ever to keep goods moving quickly, without losing any ground in accuracy and visibility.

As the pandemic upends traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, many organisations are choosing to go digital, resulting in an exponential increase in the volume of cross-border and domestic shipments. This is set to only ramp up over the coming years as e-commerce penetration continues to increase across the globe.

Each stage or milestone an item or product takes in its supply chain journey towards customer fulfillment needs to be tracked at the unit or SKU level. Of the many stages, achieving first and last mile visibility proves to be challenging for supply chain operators and intermediaries, and is also one of the costliest to execute. From having to deal with legacy systems, interoperability issues and the high cost to replace obsolete devices to simply a lack of know-how, tech deployment has been slow and painful.

But with a targeted device deployment strategy, first and last mile stakeholders can now implement a cost-effective solution to increase connectivity.


Samsung Business Rugged Devices

With a commitment to bringing game-changing innovation and value to customers, Samsung has launched a new range of business rugged devices to equip customers with best-in-class technology to increase mobility, offer seamless digital experiences, and keep information safe.

While these capabilities have always been in demand in the logistics industry, it has rarely been so accessible across the entire logistics operation. Samsung’s rugged devices are also built to be used in rough and tough conditions – including in warehouse and distribution facilities, as well as outdoors by drivers and delivery personnel.

Samsung brings versatile, powerful business rugged devices into the warehouse to help meet escalating demands while ensuring cost optimisation.
  • Road and traffic conditions in all parts of Asia can be quite extreme, with drivers facing daily challenges with rain, heat, dust, road, and traffic conditions. The Galaxy XCover 5 and Galaxy Tab Active 3 withstand drops of up to 1.5 metres[1] and is IP68-rated[2] dust and water resistant, where it can be submerged under a metre of water for more than 30 minutes, keeping drivers constantly and reliably connected throughout their journeys.


  • In a highly productive warehousing scenario, a manager needs to optimise efficiency by reassigning zone pickers assigned to a particular area or rerouting labour to another batch picker who is more efficient. Warehouse managers can easily do so by enabling Push-to-Talk capabilities with the Galaxy XCover Pro and Galaxy XCover 5’s programmable button. By simply pressing a button, a warehouse manager can access the Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie functionality for instant voice communication, and quickly communicate to members.


  • White glove logistics services, motorcycle delivery riders or logistics personnel can benefit from the Glove Touch capability, which allows them to operate the device even while wearing gloves for quick and convenient use. This well-thought-out user requirement and interface is just one example of the level of design thinking that has gone into the development of these devices.


  • As businesses become increasingly digitalised, they will also need to ensure that the data and information they store and exchange across devices are done on trusted devices and platforms. Samsung’s Business Rugged devices are all equipped with Samsung Knox, which is built from the hardware chip up to isolate, encrypt and secure data. Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition come with complimentary 1 year Knox Suite and security patches of up to 5 years[3]. This ensures that businesses can keep on running with a peace of mind.


The Ability to Do More with a Single Device

The time is now for logistics and warehousing companies to equip their workforce with the right technology in order to meet heightened demands of today’s digital world. With Samsung’s Business Rugged range, organisations can leverage innovative features that are ready built for first, intermediate and last mile requirements, while ensuring cost effectiveness and improved productivity.


Manager quickly connecting with employee via the Push-to-Talk function


Walmart equips employees with real-time connectivity using Samsung Business Rugged Devices

Over the past twenty years, Walmart has become one of the world’s leading retailers with the highest sales per square foot, inventory turnover and operating profit. In its transition from a regional retailer to global powerhouse, the organisation has become synonymous with the concept of successful supply chain management.


Making Walmart’s Connected Associate Vision a Reality

Walmart sought to create a “Connected Associate” experience to empower associates by building an app to help associates simplify daily tasks. Working with the global retailer, Samsung identified that the new app needed to be deployed on an agile mobile device to take employee engagement and customer care to new heights.

The Galaxy XCover Pro was chosen for the deployment as it delivers a rugged, sleek and single device solution that builds on Samsung’s legacy of high-powered smartphone features. With the Galaxy XCover Pro, employees have a new, convenient way to work — from mobile clock-in and accessing schedules, to managing inventory and using Galaxy XCover Pro’s camera, which has been optimised to work seamlessly with Walmart’s barcode scanning technology.

During their work shift, Walmart associates can also tap a co-worker’s name and initiate a push-to-talk conversation straight from the Galaxy XCover Pro by squeezing the physical side key. This can all be done on a single device throughout their shift, enabling efficiency with entirely new workflows.


Flexible for use, while ensuring top-notch security and privacy

Beyond supporting Walmart’s workplace requirement, Samsung worked with the team to customise and configure the Galaxy XCover Pro devices to create entirely separate work and personal profiles so the device can also be used in employees’ daily lives. Protected by Samsung Knox, business applications stay secure and personal usage stay private.

The Samsung Knox Suite, which protects the user and the device from the chip level up, also includes tools to help enterprises with the necessary resources to manage a deployment in a trusted manner. These include automated enrollment, firmware management, device and Wi-Fi network analytics, loss prevention and deep device customisation.

Looking ahead, Walmart will be deploying Galaxy XCover Pro smartphones to over 740,000 Walmart store associates across the U.S for higher productivity among employees.

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