Winning with Supply Chain Digitalisation

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Winning with Supply Chain Digitalisation


They say the invention of steam machine marked the beginning of the Industrial revolution, Industrial 1.0. Which was followed by Industrial 2.0, with inventions like the “assembly lines”. The third Industrial revolution (Industry 3.0) was the rise computers, the internet and obviously connectivity of Information. And today, we are in Industrial Revolution 4.0 which encompasses use of robotics, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing and increasing digitalization.

Discussions will focus on new innovations in supply chain across industries, key ingredients of a successful supply chain digital transformation, and the path forward in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world to Industrial Revolution 4.5 or perhaps 5.0 !


  • Adhaar Agarwal, Presales Director at Blue Yonder

Hosted by:

  • Dr Raymon Krishnan, President at the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society

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